Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wed. 9.8.2010

so here we go again.

I have been in Thailand now for about.. uh.. long enough to lose track of how many days I have been in Thailand.

So far it has been a good ride learning and experiencing many new things about the culture and people. Each day has held some sort of adventure through the last two weeks as I have dived headfirst into the unknown.

Tuesday 8/24/2010 continued...

So I finally woke up after much deliberation and went downstairs to the cafe which is the second floor to the church. Said hi to some of the guys who were hanging out there and in the end was going to Bangkok's giant mall MBK with literally thousands of shops with Apple who had adopted me as a surrogate mother. Yes. Apple is her name. by the end of the day she had persuaded me to go to a barbers to get a haircut after much discourse and I now have les hair on my head although I retain my beard in all it's glory...

more stories later today.. time to find better wifi connection

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