Wednesday, September 22, 2010

here is a quick update. not as much time over here as in the US. ..
me and the parents have been taking thai language lessons for about a week and a half.
a daunting and very time consuming task, it takes about and hour and a half to get there, and then spend 2 hours in class with our Thai tutor khruu(teacher) Jum. it is a regular schedule, but does not allow for much study time between lessons due to the fact that nights tend to get a little more busy with Bible studies and church get togethers. fridays a group of guys eat a smorgasbord of leftovers from the week.. mostly from the imperial palace delivering food to one of the guys who works at one of the palace run schools..
saturday we went to one of the slums to teach a little english to the kids who live there... saturday night is a worship/teaching night for a good group of people with great messages and music. afterwards we go out to a little local restaurant to grab some cheap food and good company..
for now that's it... keeping busy.. trying to clean up the schedule and add some photos..
trying to edit a few more photos to get them on the computer.

keep us in prayer as always.

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