Tuesday, June 7, 2011

diving into life or a dumpster

So I am going for a personal record to blog two days in a row! 
yesterday was quite the adventure. started off simple writing a blog and listening to music, progressing into mac n cheese for breakfast and a delicious mix of ricotta cheese and vanilla yogurt which tastes something like a cannoli filling. add a little bit of granola and fruit and you have something between a bowl of muesli and ambrosia without the marshmallows and coconut.

After a quick breakfast it was off to the dumpsters to practice my swan dive. yes indeed dumpster diving yet again as the last few college students vacate their dorms and apartments leaving hords of treasure behind. Due to my car still not being insured or registered, I grabbed a ride from Evaling and her sister Julia to the dumpsters as we rummaged through furniture, magazines, art suplies, and other discarded items for those few diamonds literally in the rough. 

Although it was not a very productive dive, there were some great pictures taken onto instagram by Evaling ( http://instagr.am/p/FTEzl/ ) or see some of mine at ( http://web.stagram.com/n/davidipilato/ )
from there we went to a dominican restaurant and to drop off their spoils in their basement. 

from thence we commenced in picking up Evaling and Julia's mom and driving her out to their apartment in foster where we were able to go four wheeling through the trails although their dog did slow the expedition through the ocasional bathroom pitstop in front of our little caravan. 

by the end of the day we had stuffed a bike in the back of Evaling's car for Ellie as referenced from last blog post, we had grabbed an assortment of snacks, meats, rice, and vegetables to cook for bible study, and had a  great study on Philippians chapter 2:1-11

in the end our focus should be on Him and His glory.. gotto run to breakfast, so I am cutting it shorter than usual..

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Monday, June 6, 2011

back in america

So I have now been in america for 3 weeks and it doesn't seem like I left at all almost. I still have the memories of Thailand and further south east asia, but really the things that make me remember that I was away is when people talk about events that I didn't go to.

One of which is the Easter encounter that was at Renaissance church in Providence my home church. now I live closer than ever to Ren, and walked there yesterday in about 30 minutes. it gives a whole new Perspective when looking at what it means to be part of community.
After church yesterday we celebrated one of the kids at ren, Taylor's birthday with temporary tattoos gummy worms, bears, fruit snacks, ukelele, and some random games like "crazy fruit". happy 14th!.
This was just another reminder of community and family, learning to celebrate one another.

After pretty much everyone had gone, the rest of our straggling group headed over to Panera for an impromptu feast and family meal. It was a joyful bustle of conversation, teasing, and many laughs. A good family with great people. clockwise were, Alli, Jill, Ryan, Sara, Adam and Ellynn, Albie, Ellie, Evaling, and finally yours truly. and at that point it was evident that the day was going to be a picture of what it means to be a part of community and family as we saw God's provisions through this group. Adam and Ellie getting much needed new bikes although it was made evident that we do need to find more gift cards to friendly's.

The night started early as I went down the Evaling and C.Amos to sanctuary(church at night) for their unplugged worship night as much of the group was missing due to honey moon, funeral, or having left that weekend after graduation. sitting downstairs drawing and praying I wrestled with God over the many new things that had come up in this last few weeks I have been in America. But it was a good conversation and a following of the teaching at church earlier on Prayer and how it is the most important aspect in this thing we find ourself in. life. universe. relationship.

The one verse Scott didn't use that I was expecting in his teaching was

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
"16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

As this has been one of the most prominent verses in my life, I tend to be surprised whenever it isn't quoted, nonetheless the passion and truth that was seen was as welcome as ever.
Small quotes brought different light onto the issue of prayer like "Prayer is even more important than facebook" that seemed slightly superfluous yet ironically more true than anyone would like to admit.

to listen.

They are all pretty good.
although, it is nothing like being there.

After some prayer wrestling, I went for a quick walk in the woods over to the waterfall nearby, took a few pictures with my newly chipped ipod, and sat for a little while letting the thoughts in my head ferment in my mind.

Worship was simple and necessary that night, at church. followed with a message about timing. an unorthodox preacher in some respects, but with good points and message as he ended with.. if the timing of God had been in those last few weeks to come back then.. would we be able to say that we took advantage of all those opportunities that we have while we are here?

And in my head as I thought through the thousands of years waited for the timing of God, and now the time being now, and that this is the preparation for His return, how blessed we are to be alive in such a time as this. not in the 400 years in the old testament that God's voice wasn't heard. we are alive not in the post-modern/ post-christian age. we are alive in the age of preparation. the blessing it is, but how much do we actually begin to prepare even our own hearts for Him?

Monday morning and the day is yet to begin. It is the time to do some reading of scriptures. I guess I should take that time then to actually do it.

cya when I next decide to post.
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