Tuesday, June 7, 2011

diving into life or a dumpster

So I am going for a personal record to blog two days in a row! 
yesterday was quite the adventure. started off simple writing a blog and listening to music, progressing into mac n cheese for breakfast and a delicious mix of ricotta cheese and vanilla yogurt which tastes something like a cannoli filling. add a little bit of granola and fruit and you have something between a bowl of muesli and ambrosia without the marshmallows and coconut.

After a quick breakfast it was off to the dumpsters to practice my swan dive. yes indeed dumpster diving yet again as the last few college students vacate their dorms and apartments leaving hords of treasure behind. Due to my car still not being insured or registered, I grabbed a ride from Evaling and her sister Julia to the dumpsters as we rummaged through furniture, magazines, art suplies, and other discarded items for those few diamonds literally in the rough. 

Although it was not a very productive dive, there were some great pictures taken onto instagram by Evaling ( http://instagr.am/p/FTEzl/ ) or see some of mine at ( http://web.stagram.com/n/davidipilato/ )
from there we went to a dominican restaurant and to drop off their spoils in their basement. 

from thence we commenced in picking up Evaling and Julia's mom and driving her out to their apartment in foster where we were able to go four wheeling through the trails although their dog did slow the expedition through the ocasional bathroom pitstop in front of our little caravan. 

by the end of the day we had stuffed a bike in the back of Evaling's car for Ellie as referenced from last blog post, we had grabbed an assortment of snacks, meats, rice, and vegetables to cook for bible study, and had a  great study on Philippians chapter 2:1-11

in the end our focus should be on Him and His glory.. gotto run to breakfast, so I am cutting it shorter than usual..

if you want to check out some of the other things I update slightly regularly, here you go










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